Divergent Club is a collection of 2888 generative, pixelized characters exploring the MultiversX & Bitcoin Ordinal blockchains. Inspired by anime & pop culture; they parody popular references in their own style.

The goal of the Divergent Club is to create a vibrant community hub where individuals can come together, have fun, and thrive from the Club benefits.

Rug Royalties

Users sell their unwanted NFTs for 0.001 $EGLD to claim tax losses & gain entry to Divergent Club NFT monthly raffle.

10% profits to Dev (Bubu)
90% profits to DNA staking for unstaked NFT rewards

Now available on xPortal.

The Divergent Lottery

Every unstaked NFT generates a ticket monthly for EGLD, NFT and PC Game rewards.

All revenue generated by the lottery system + MVX collection royalties funds lotteries.

Rank /Ticket Type
1/1 = 2 of every ticket
16 - 164 = Legendary
165 - 515 = Epic
516 - 1216 = Rare
1217 - 2167 = Uncommon
2168 - 3332 = Common
Bonus: OG Divergent Coin NFT doubles all tickets claimed!

Coming Soon

Gamified Staking

Prepare for $DNA reward generation, increased earnings by NFT rarity and loyalty experience points.

All funds raised from Staking boost system is changed to $DNA and added to meta-staking for unstaked NFT rewards

Bonus: "Got Milk?" NFT boosts experience point generation for every team of 6!

Coming Soon

NFT Collections

Divergent Club

Identifier: DCLUB-b0ddcb
Supply: 2500

Genesis collection gives you access to all the rewards from the project!

Divergent OG Coins

Identifier: DCCOINS-52e782
Supply: 33

Doubles your claimable lottery tickets!

Got Milk? SFT

Identifier: DCMILK-7fb496
Supply: 331

Boosts experience point generation in the gamified staking!


How many Divergent Club NFTs are there?

How can I earn a whitelist spot for the Ordinals free mint?

How do I contact the team?


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Divergent Club, a sub-DAO of Project X. Powered by MultiversX & coming soon to Bitcoin Ordinals.


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